Corporate Speakers, Business Solutions and Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows

A good hypnotist is an expert in the art of influencing with integrity.

So does your business rely on influencing others?

I have yet to find one that doesn’t!

Richmond Hypnosis Center offers dynamic presentations which teach our unique system of personality profiling and neurolinguistics to build fantastic rapport-building skills; mentorships that help every level of operations and management to maximize human potential and comedy stage performances that will make any event unforgettable.

Corporate Speaking & Workshops

This is the challenge of any leadership team, to harness the focus and intent of the group and move them towards the fulfillment of the mission and purpose of the company.

From a professional point of view, conversational Hypnosis & Neuro Linguistics are really both about the art of working with the

Corporate Speaker and Comedy Hypnotist Larry Volz

Corporate Speaker and Comedy Hypnotist Larry Volz

unconscious mind (habits, beliefs, and behaviors)  that drive our own individual intent and direction on a daily basis.  With that in mind, the ability to move a group, increase their bond together, and create momentum behind your company’s mission and purpose is adeptly served with this approach.

Applying this skill set, you’ll find our unique ability to motivate and inspire lasting loyalty and enthusiasm to be truly unique.

Please call for a private meeting with award-winning entertainer and speaker Larry Volz to discuss your companies objectives and find the perfect lecture or group experience to accomplish your needs.

Corporate lectures range from reducing stress in the workplace to how to “entrance” a client or an entire audience to enjoy hearing your message.


Stage Hypnosis

Larry Volz’s comedy stage hypnotist show is a crowd pleaser in Richmond and the world of corporate entertainment.

Comedy Hypnotist and Speaker Larry Volz

Larry Volz opening for Randy Travis for an audience of 45,000


Using information about your people and event, Larry Volz will design a one of a kind show especially for your group. He’ll select special music and design unique routines based on your audience’s preferences and the theme of your event.

Then, using your budget as a guide, he’ll create the highest level of production possible, giving you the maximum entertainment bang for your buck.

Corporate friendly

Larry Volz’s stage hypnotist show bonds colleagues and co-workers together like no other show. His performances are fun, always in good taste and ideal entertainment for company events and association gatherings.

He’ll custom tailor his show to make sure it’s perfectly appropriate for your audience and your event.

Call 804-454-2256 and ask for Corporate Events Now.