Pregnant and Smoking: The Safest and Easiest Way to Quit

Photo credit: Torston Mangner

I know. You want to take care of your unborn baby but it’s SO hard to quit.

Maybe you have cut down but you keep having juuuuust one more and then just one more and then one more… .

I have heard it from so many mom’s-to-be and we have been able to help most of them.

It’s okay that you have struggled. You are human. But it’s not okay to give up.

10% of all infant deaths are due to smoking. 30% of under-weight babies. 14% of pre-term deliveries…

…but you probably know all that.

What you probably don’t know is that your UNCONSCIOUS psychology is a more important factor in quitting than nicotine is. Smoking is an unconscious habit. How many times have you lit up without hardly even thinking about it? People do it automatically. Like the unconscious habit of driving. Like when you turn off the key and realize that you don’t remember 1/2 the trip. It just kind of happens. Right? Sometimes it’s almost like someone else takes over.

Well, it’s not someone else – it’s your subconscious mind. And the only thing that can works directly on your subconscious mind to help you change is hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the only completely SAFE method of helping you quit.

Nicotine replacement methods involve dangerous chemicals for you and your baby that have been linked to hair loss, elevated blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, insulin resistance and gastric problems. Your body will be changing enough over the next nine months – you do NOT need that!

And hundreds of studies over the past 50 years show hypnosis WORKS! IF you are a good hypnosis candidate it is 2 to 4 times more effective in helping people quit than nicotine replacement methods.

Hypnosis is as relaxing a getting a professional massage and lowers your stress levels for longer – in addition to making quitting much easier.

In fact, if you are a good hypnosis candidate and we accept you into our program, we are so confident we can help that we offer you a lifetime support guarantee. If you need an addition session after you complete the program it is completely free of charge. And if you ever start smoking again come back and we will help you leave them behind and not ask for a penny.

You are your baby are worth it.

Give the Richmond Hypnosis Center a call and we will give you a FREE screening to see if you are a good candidate.

It doesn’t cost a thing to find out and you will be doing everything possible to bring your chid into this world in safely as the loving and responsible parent you are.

The number is 804-454-2256.

We all need a hand sometimes. Give us a call right now and let us hold your hand through this challenge. Just like you will be holding a little hand and helping someone you care about through life’s many challenges very soon.

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