Employment Opportunity: Salesperson needed

Seeking a spectacular salesperson for a weight loss and smoking cessation hypnosis center

Must be height and weight proportional.
As a weight loss center we must all practice what we preach or be labeled as hypocrites

Ideal applicant will be an empathic and very confident individual with the ability to influence people with integrity and is willing and eager to be a part of genuine personal change programs.

Job entails an ongoing learning process and refinement of persuasion skill to make you the kind of person who could sell ice to Eskimos. But you will be selling a proven system of coaching and personal change techniques that genuinely saves lives, relationships and people’s self-esteem.

The ideal applicant will be highly ethical and other-centered and also will have had some personal experience with hypnosis and/or be willing to do some personal self-improvement work with us so as to understand the process and be a genuine advocate for our clients. Hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis training will be free to the successful candidate and her family.

This is a small business so we need a balanced renaissance person with an optimistic and forward-thinking attitude who can follow directions explicitly as well as think and act proactively and independently when needed. 
Past positive experience with hypnosis for change a plus.

Hourly rate of $15 plus a high commission. With a good closure rate you can realistically earn $55,000-$65,000 per year.

TO APPLY: Mail a hand-written letter describing why you want to sell for a hypnosis center and what makes you the ideal candidate for the job as well as references to:

1009 Byswick lane
Richmond, VA 23225

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