EVENT: Laugh Your ASS Off — FEB 22 AT 1:00

How to Master Your Weight by Mastering Your Emotions

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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2014 AT 1:00 — ELLWOOD THOMPSON’S COMMUNITY CENTER (4 N. Thompson St. Richmond, VA 23221)

You know how to eat right – you just don’t DO it… do you?


Unless you are Mr. Spock you ARE an emotional eater. Period.

The reality is that you must master your emotions to master your weight… So come connect with your friends who are as determined as you to learn & SUCCEED!

Each monthly installment includes tips and tricks from positive psychology, hypnosis and neurolinguiestics to help you eat and exercise right. Plus new and improved “laugh your ass off” technology! Using state of the art jokes, silliness and magic tricks we will not only help you stretch your mind to shrink your body — but have a good time doing it!

Presented by Larry Volz – Hypnotist, life coach and entertainer (seen on TV shows “Your Other Mind” and “Guerilla Magic” with Penn & Teller)

Tickets are FREE for active weight loss program members and $29 for the general public.

RSVP required. To reserve or buy tickets go to www.eventbrite.com/e/laugh-your-ass-off-how-to-master-your-weight-by-mastering-your-emotions-tickets-10116860803?ref=eweb

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